Blue Skies

Written by: Chris O'Brien
Album: Lighthouse

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Every word is sailing up
Over my head
Is spinning
With the earth
beneath my feet
It's gonna tear me down
To the ground
If I let it
If I let it, and
This old cedar tree is dying
It's been a long cold winter
When the leaves stop turning to green
But I am holding on
To tomorrow
This golden summer
Come warm my face

I'm listening
To every word you say
I believe I've got it figured out anyway
Tick tock the moment
Is moving along
With blue skies
And no regrets
I am gone.

Every word comes flying right
Out of my mouth
Starts running
My head has fallen behind
And I've been dodging your glances
Trying to find forgiveness
Before I leave it behind

Your beauty like holy wine
I can feel it up and down my spine
It gets inside my head
Makes me feel like flying
Like flying