Every Shade of Red

Written by: Chris O'Brien
Album: Little Red

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there is old black coffee
on the burner in the kitchen
got a hangover so bad
that I can barely keep my eyes open
ain’t no truth on television
I wonder if there ever was

there’s a light outside my window
and it’s just about to go
I should be out there on the streets
making angels in the snow
getting lost in the silence
there ain’t no silence anymore

there ain’t no love no hate
no peace no war
we’re just boarding up our windows
bolting all our doors
and we are always on the wrong side
always on the wrong side

hey diddle diddle got my cat I got my fiddle
I got four good walls and me in the middle
we get everything we ask for
I’ve got everything I need
but the sights and the sounds
I can’t take ‘em anymore
there’s an angel undercover
praying just outside my door
I turn up the radio
but there ain’t nothing coming out


the sun comes up like a fireworks display
painting every shade of red
over walls that once were grey
I believed in God
but God don’t work here anymore
now there ain’t no love
no hate no peace no war