Hurricane Love

Written by: Chris O'Brien
Album: Little Red

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Well my words got lost under the weight of this
but damn that girl knows how to kiss
walking around in that little red dress
she’s gonna make a mess of me
oh my my what a sorry sight
them jesus boys know how to fight
dropping them bombs all through the night
just to prove they can light it up

I want to be far away with you
come the morning light
I want to get wrong
want to get right
lord I love the sight of you

and so we got married in a hurricane love
them levees broke and the water was rough
I am stubborn and she is tough
so we made it through the night
oh my my what a fine sight
when the sun rose up broke through the night
popped my top like a dandelion might
I thought I may lose control


so we’re living now under a paper moon
the light so thin it cut the room in two
and her hair spread out in an auburn plume
just take me as I am
oh my my what a beautiful sight
and a girl so fine she hurts the light
she’s lying there wrapped up in white
just love me for a while