I Don't Know You

Written by: Chris O'Brien
Album: Little Red

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I know how I can be
I come crashing to the ground
and the birds come circling ‘round over me
I know I need to try
just a little bit harder
if I want all of the things
I know I want before I die

I know the gun is loaded
I know the bottle’s coming after me
I know the mirror’s broken
I can’t recognize the images I see

I don’t know you
I don’t know you
you I don’t know

I know the fastest way
between two points
is to walk a straight line
and not to veer too far away
but it’s also true
there is more love
when you walk a crooked path
you will cry and you will laugh
and be grateful for what you have


I am drowning
my eyes are searching for the shore
and this under toe
is forcing me down to the floor