Written by: Chris O'Brien
Album: Little Red

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maria’s got a rosary pointed like a gun
she heads for the doorway
I can’t blame her none
maria’s got a laugh and it fills in all the space
spreads her loving all over town
and gets them bills paid

oh maria
I am loving you more
than I ever did before
I am losing my mind
and you don’t know what it’s like

maria I love you so
you already know
maria I’ve got to go
you already know

maria takes her time and picks up every piece
she won’t take no for an answer
and I won’t get no relief
when she gets high she stays high
stays up every night
she takes them thrills with a bottle of pills
and whiskey on the side


oh and I’ve got it bad
got to want to try to get out while I can
and you know all the reasons
you know all the ways to change my plans