Written by: Chris O'Brien
Album: Little Red

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I’ve got some dreams ain’t never coming true
I’ve got some dreams already have
I’ve got some nerve to talk to you
after the way it all went down

I’ve got these big plans packed up in the car
got these small plans wasted at the bar
there are some days I don’t want to get up
there are some days I can’t get down

I know this
time’s been moving
I’ve been watching
from the sidelines
I know this
there’s life all around me
I’ve been paying it no mind

I’ve got these hard hands that bounce of of you
you’ve got a hard head you drive me nuts
I’ve got nothing I want to say to you
you say everything cause you’ve got the guts


I’m lost inside your places
where reasons never rhyme
and I’m haunted by the space you do not occupy
I’m beaten down by waves
that come only to my knees
and I want to prove I’m stronger than what you believe